(Sketch by Laurence Fuller)

Only memories remain afloat
Sparkling like a bottle of fizzy drink
Popping out dew drops
On the blades of grass.

Deluged by the images of the past –
Like vagrant waters – I see –
Disheveled hair like feathers
Encumbered with ice and snow –
Earlobes thick like freshly cooked selroti
Eyes that seem to have caught sparkles,
Out of an illuminating diyo

Sometimes squeaking like a mouse
And sometimes cloaked in silence,
But oftentimes as nimble as a deer,
Clad in bright red sweater
And a hand-knitted woolen topi,
You swarm in and out of the house
Like a solitary bee
Murmuring and humming,
As if remembering something
Carrying a slowly growing darkness inside
Yet glowing like the distant moon.

Walking from breakfast to madness,
Speeding through the antiseptic tunnel of time,
Leaning above the plastic sky of life,
You and I,
Stand in broken lines
At the frozen gates of death and youth.


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