Birthday 2016


May 13

I sit all lopsided
in an invisible cage,
watching the wrought iron bars
reduce me in fractals.

My precious black brain –
once a veritable chamber of epiphanies –
now blank as pages of dust in a dark room
floats in the cerebral water of boredom.

Like a twisted handrail,
my face bleeds a broken smile.
My eyes tell an old lie.
There’s murmur –
a soft susurration of voices –
in bogus tongues.

It’s been a month of melancholia
in this Unhappiness House.

Like lampshade of memory,
the past lifts up its Cro-Magnon Skull
and stares at me
with a hustle of fireflies.

All day I stare
the impalpable sky,
the ever-stretching void,
the absolute nothingness,
and hum the sweet song of death –
an ethereal melody –
like a swarm of cicadas.

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