The flowers who wait


In the garden the flowers are waiting to be born:
roses, mimosas, marigolds, bougainvilleas
all waiting since the dawn of the world
waiting for the first purest kiss of the sun
waiting for the soft breeze to blow
waiting for the rain so that they can come alive.

I am beginning to ask some questions:
like, how many flowers are exactly waiting to be born?
how many of them will be beautiful? or ugly?
but, still, the questions are just questions
still, that god!
maybe god is a man with a drooling mouth
a gardener whose body looks like
it’s stuffed with a dozen flowers or so
like the body has been turned inside out
and has got only bones
maybe god doesn’t have his own body
that’s why he plays with others,
maybe god is a dog spelled backwards
or something like that!

still I get out of my bed, and pull the curtains
and see the magic that is yet to be done
because there are flowers outside my window
waiting to be born
and that means somehow I will keep breathing today,
or at least, together with them, for a while.

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Morning in the Hills


in the porches
the children rattle
the empty plates
& their empty souls

in the damp kitchens
a giant loneliness slithers
inside the broken souls
of twisted housemaids

chewed faces walk
along the guerilla tracks
their guns pointing
towards the sky

ripping apart
the loneliness
with a barrage of
silent bullets

in the waves of the fog
ragged shoes scuttle
with the hush of
the morning mist

they have just
arrived home
with crimson red of
human blood

& a narrow victory

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The trick is to keep looking


In this cool café
Visible are just your eyes
Floating around the mosaic walls
In the mist of coffee steam.

Lost in the colored stones
You lose yourself — one by one
As you count the wriggling curves
Reaching the end, hollowed-out.

Last April you found a hole
Yawning in the abyss of your heart
& tried to fill it with autumn leaves
Now you drip the last remnants of

Your lost longings,
gazing at the colored walls.

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