Psychotherapy Begins


“So?” Asked the shrink.

“So?” I asked back.

“Tell me about it.”

“Tell what?”

“How did it end? Say precisely.”

Curious plump little fella, this shrink
He was wearing a suit, a necktie, and
Black rimmed John Lennon glasses
He looked like a shelled egg
& had a shrill gaiety in his voice.

“I made a mistake.” I said reluctantly.

“Well, tell me about it!” He demanded.

“I can’t; people will laugh at me.”

“That’s OKAY. Let them laugh and be healthy.”

His face wrinkled
In a silent simper of derision.

Officious little prick of a shrink, I thought.

A deep sigh and I said —
What I had already repeated in
My mind for a hundredth time.

“Well, we were in a museum,
observing many exhibits of oriental arts
when I saw, in a secluded corner,
a portrait of Vātsyāyana above.
I asked her if she was wearing any panties.
And that was it.”

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