New Road


I am going to New Road

to buy some happiness

for my kids, who are drawing

plateful of food in the mud

with their little fingers

& who keep looking at me

with a stern hungry stare.


I am well aware of

their slimy souls

covered in the mud

& Iā€™m going to buy:

a kilo of happiness,

a packet of joy,

a bar of satisfaction,

a lump of ecstasy,

and so many many

things for them.


now, in this midday sun

as the drawings of my kids

flutter in front of my eyes,

taking me back to the

scraps of rusted reverie,

I look up and see sparrows

fly zigzag

making some hazy outlines

across the blue October sky of New Road.

they leap up and down and chirp

in a language obscene.


the pictures illuminate like light

caught inside a kaleidoscope —

sparkle incandescent as god —

& bubble in the beatings

of my decrepit heart,

the people walk past

in the hubbub of

the narrow darkening alleys

with an air of ephemeral joy

I look around and see

something materializing.

Is it hope?


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