Stop in the name of love


Do stop in the name of love
Think of the body of your woman
White hills, brown sand dunes
And her sea swell eyes

Do imagine walking through her hills
Singing siren songs well-intentioned but still
Crass and rude and her disappointed sighs
As she quietly nudges away from you

Think of it and deeply think

Stop for the sake of her love
Stop writing odes that’ll dry her up
Deflate the white hills to curmudgeon deserts
Brown sand dunes to soggy swamps
And sea swell eyes to salty spit

Even now she cries for help
For mercy and her anguish lengthens
With every corny line you ink
And every watered down metaphor

Stop in the name of love
And all that is holy and beauty
That you have tied in a noose
And now rape even though it’s already dead
And you’ve killed it, well congrats!

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