A Spring Poem


I’m drawn to the
scarlet poinsettia
& the thousand petalled
heart of the marigold
I lose myself
bit by bit
to their enchanting beauty

a swallow flies back
to her small nest
lustrous outstretched wings
& her sweet voice
I’m drawn to her
like some wicked conjurer’s trick

the peepal trees
looming overhead
remaining steadfast as they are
ah! how their leaves shimmer
how their fruits fall onto
the ground
& sparrows enjoy the delicious
ripening fruits

smoke rising upwards
from the thatched huts
it is morning &
time for breakfast
burnt roti left on a griddle
children playing
hopping on one leg game
on the porch

satisfied, I look around
this is just the kind
of sight
I badly needed

I look on and on
for I don’t know how long
& go back to writing verse
drawn by the thoughts
of my fledglings

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