My Only Regret


It is such a lovely
November morning.
It feels so good
To be alive & breathing.

Standing here
In the warm sun
By the wayside tea shop
Atop the black & white
& watch the world
Go on its own
As if I have all the leisure
In the world.

Beautiful girls of Kathmandu
Walk past me,
Without even noticing me,
Hurriedly moving to the arms
Of their sailor princes.
To their laptops, smart-phones,
Beauty parlors, banquets.
To their long, & never ending
Gossip partners.

The clock-tower is old,
But, still, time is running fast
Nobody knows this better
Than I do.
Because I’ve lived my life
As if it has no end:
Every morning being
An earnest onlooker.

Oh yes! I’ve lived a great life
But my only regret
Is going to be this:
To leave these beauties
Of Kathmandu

Trying to be flashy,
I always wear sporty jackets
& faded jeans.
But, somehow,
These demi-goddess
Of beauty aren’t enchanted.

I wish I could kiss them all,
All these girls hurrying
To the arms of their
Awaiting lovers.
Kiss them goodbye
Before I leave this city
Alone on its own.

I wish I could give them
The longish kisses possible.
& feel the taste
Of their mouths
Feel their warm,
Honeyed saliva.
Feel their bellies
Against mine.

But, sadly, I have
Long forgotten
The art of lighting
The fire of love
With my pudgy hands.

This is going to be
My one & only regret.

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