most people say

that you get wise

as you grow up,

that you become

the source of all

wisdom & knowledge

as years roll by.


your name in

public print,

& in certain places,

appear more than often.

your body sways

to the music

of enlightenment,

& in the brightening glare

of which

you don’t know

the dancer from the dance—

or wisdom from the wise,

in this case.


most people say

things like these

are bound to come

as you grow up.


as for me,

i am spending

all of my time

losing what i had

learnt at the university,

playing solitaire

on my iphone,

& forgetting the names

& faces

of certain people

i had met

in the yellowing pages

of thick books.


everyday—as if

in deep meditation—

i sit on the couch,

& with eyes bemused

or vacant,

watch people laugh

on tv

for hours.


everything’s dying,

getting blank & black.

my mind is folding

like the chapatti

that i’m munching

right now

slowly as i keep

growing up.


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