Silence, I know you


Silence, I know you

so well that you are like

a lover, a forgotten princess

from a forgotten history.


But, tell me, when was the

last time I wrote about you?


Do not take me wrong—

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

nor did I mean to ignore you.


Look, even now I am sitting

by the window contemplating you,

watching the birds

fly from the branches,

hearing their songs,

breaking the silence-filled air.

I still forget myself in you,

& melt in the grey evening.


Observing their fragile bodies,

slender feet, little beaks,

I think of a line of verse,

whisper it

three times

until breath becomes air.


Silence, my quiet lover,

I always think of you—

your soft memories,

your dreamy voice,

your tender touch,

& I try to decide

whether it is a kiss or a bullet—

but in vain.

Twitter @bibek_writes


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